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All three main hospitals in Southend, Chelmsford and Basildon are equally important for your future care. They will each continue to provide the vast majority of hospital services for their local population, including a local A&E at all three sites.

To find out information about services and facilities at each of the hospitals visit:

We want to make our three hospitals even better

Over the next few years, we have set out some changes to local hospital services in mid and south Essex.

These hospitals are Southend, Basildon and Broomfield, near Chelmsford.

There are also changes set out to the way we provide services in community hospitals in Braintree and Orsett.

These changes are the result of conversations we have been having with our doctors, nurses and other care professionals as well as our local communities over the past few years, including a public consultation – more details can be found here:

What is NOT changing…

All three hospitals will continue to provide the services you use the most. These include outpatient appointments, children’s services and planned day surgery.

All three hospitals will continue to provide 24/7 A&E and maternity services. In fact, we are making A&E bigger and better in all three main hospitals.

Our changes will mean faster expert care, fewer delays, more care closer to home.